How to create japanese psn ps4

How to play Japanese games on your PS4

Trials Rising. With built-in machine translation and new global shipping options , this is an easy way to get Japanese goods. Scroll down to complete the user license agreement by clicking the lower-right button at the bottom of the page to continue.

The next page asks for your name.

How to create a Japanese PSN account to get Japan-exclusive PS4 demos, themes and other freebies

Go back to the store window and click on the log in button. The first is the one you need on for betas, allowing Sony Interactive Entertainment to send you marketing mail and notifications. If you actually live in Japan, select the prefecture you live in. Keep in mind that since your PS4 is a western one, in the dashboard you still use X to confirm and circle to cancel.

For instance, Sega just released the awesome Yakuza 6 demo , and on December 22nd it will launch the full prologue of Valkyria: Azure Revolution as a free trial for the game , while free themes are released quite often.

how to create japanese psn ps4

Click the lower-right button to proceed. If it displays this message in orange, you are trying to use a mail that you already used for another region.

how to create japanese psn ps4

The first option is your Country , and the second your Gender. If you see any orange text, something is wrong. Any answer will work just remember it, in case you need to recover your password.

Luckily you can save a backup. The best way is to find the address of a local hotel.

how to create japanese psn ps4

Terms of use. Prefecture should be already selected on the one you choose while creating the account. Again, do what you want here, but in case you do ever want to regain control of this account or attach a credit card, consider putting in genuine information.

Here is how to do it. The Account Management menu is a bit more tricky, but if you really need to find something there, just look at the one in your main account and retrace the same steps on the Japanese one.

how to create japanese psn ps4

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