What size gloves do mma fighters use

what size gloves do mma fighters use

Boxing gloves are designed to pad the knuckles and support the fighters' wrists and thumbs so they do not break on impact. I use 16oz Sandee glove for stand up sparring, I've only recently started training wrestling and BJJ so dont have sparrinfg gloves for that yet but I will be buying 6oz gloves once I start to do MMA sparring.

What Weight of Gloves Are Used in a Professional Heavyweight Boxing Match?

Important for the American, when his Irish opponent is knocking out world champions in the UFC in 13 seconds flat. The extra padding can allow you to punch a little bit harder, without hurting your partner. Gibbs , Jan 19, 2010. My trainer use to fight in the underground back in NY and SF in the Tong fights, he was very old school back in the days.

We personally make a point to buy and train with every piece of gear we review to give you the best hand's on information about that product.

what size gloves do mma fighters use

Forgot your password? Using 4 oz competition gloves is something that nobody should do because it is careless and can lead to injuries. I would recommend you look up the reviews in the links provided to get more information about the specifics of each glove.

what size gloves do mma fighters use

The padding is bit minimal, but the gloves are a good pair of working MMA gloves. An Age-Old History.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best MMA Gloves (2017 Edition)

The 4 oz protection will cause injury if you hit your training partners at a hard pace. I used to fight MMA a couple years ago. These were my first pair of MMA gloves that I bought back in 2006. You end up spending MORE money after you toss your cheap gear into the garage and upgrade to something proper.

10, 12, 14 or 16 oz gloves?

Ben on April 29, 2017 at 5: So if you plan on taking your training seriously, get a pair of MMA Gloves that you will be happy with for years to come. MyZhou , Mar 2, 2011. The Elites are made with genuine leather and have the feel of premium gloves. Hi what is your opinion on bad boy legacy MMA gloves?

what size gloves do mma fighters use

It is important to know the rules of the organization that you are competing under to know what weight you need to have for your competition.

The thumbs on a boxing glove are stitched to the glove so the fighters cannot move their thumbs.


I know sounds like a line of crap huh, anyone can come in and watch a class or jump on the mat. Over the past decade, we've trained in, sparred with, and fought with just about every major piece of fight gear from all the major brands over the years We bring you our hands-on knowledge with highly detailed, hand's on fight gear guides, meticulously reviewing and dissecting what's good and what's not.

Train smart and your body will last much longer. Even though you may be able to hit a bag a few times, if you do it over a long period of time you are asking to get injured. Search for: