What islam teaches about christianity

what islam teaches about christianity

Jen says: Thanks for sharing! I met a young Christian named David, and we quickly became firm friends due to our common morals and devotion. But what happened to the Palistinians,mwhen etc did they go.

What do Muslims think of Jesus?

And God hears and knows all things. What might have been a noble endeavor to establish Islam and provide social and economic justice for all has been marred with transgression against humanity.

what islam teaches about christianity

It happened to me, and it can happen to them. The muslim faith and in particular actors of violence can only be quelled and contained by greater force diplomatic, economic and kinetic.

Since Islam has always been seen as a complete way of life, Islam should be self-sufficient, relying on resources within its own tradition to renew itself.

what islam teaches about christianity

In the Quran, Jesus is not the Son of God: While Muslims can benefit from advances in science, technology and medicine, they do not need any of the ideologies developed in the West and do not need to incorporate elements of Western law into traditional Islamic law. Sites That Link to this Post Message series: If some talk bad about Jesus I will stand up for him.

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Islam Versus Christianity

That is why I say without any apology: Although it is stereotypically believed by both Muslims, Christians and others that Islam is a religion is which inequality is majorly present in all aspects, this is not the case. Is Islam just another way to worship God?

In my heart how do you even clear their though process. Esposito, ed. We helped the believers against their enemies and they became victorious.

what islam teaches about christianity

Cambridge Papers. Indeed, it is a struggle for the very soul of Islam.

Islam and the “Islamic State”: What Does the Quran Really Teach about Christianity?

In Islam, Jesus is just a prophet. Islam is a false religion that is based on a false book that was written by a false prophet. We may have made foreign policy mistakes in Iraq and Syria, but we must not turn this into a war against Islam.

This is particularly important in dealing with verses about violence. But where do we go from here? This article also appears in the September 2016 issue of U. The Quran clearly condemns killing and reprimands those who would use force to spread Islam.

what islam teaches about christianity