What is connectives in english grammar

The servant whom you discharged has returned. Start your trial for FREE today! Has your child mentioned connectives? Relative pronouns connect dependent clauses with main clauses by referring directly to a substantive in the main clause.

The antecedent money is in the nominative.

What are Connectives/ What are Conjunctions

Y2 Mathematics. This is the same man that or whom I saw on the pier last Friday. Helen, on the other hand, enjoyed it. A word used to link clauses within a sentence. Privacy Policy. He which hath your noble father slain, pursued my life Hamlet. Primary Curriculum 2014.


Jack was fishing with a bamboo rod, to the end of which he had tied a short piece of ordinary twine. The man I met was a carpenter.

what is connectives in english grammar

He answered in such English as he could muster. The bird is eating seeds.

What are connectives?

I ran for my life.... Join sentences with connectives. In the case of things without animal life, of which and whose are both common. Y5 Science.

what is connectives in english grammar

The road that leads to the shore is sandy. KS1 PE. A connective is a word that joins one part of a text to another.

what is connectives in english grammar

But who is also a connective, since it joins the two parts of the sentence as and does in No. As part of the new primary curriculum revised in 2014 children will be encouraged to refer to connectives using the correct grammatical terms conjunction, preposition and adverb rather than the umbrella term 'connectives'. Here is the book which you wanted.