What is anymore by travis tritt about

what is anymore by travis tritt about

General Comment I agree with lyricalnut, I think its a break up song, since he is hurting, and alot more people can relate to it more if it is a break up song.

Let me make one last appeal to show you how I feel about you 'Cause there's no one else I swear that holds a candle anywhere next to you My heart can't take the beating, not having you to hold A small voice keeps repeating deep inside my soul It says I can't keep pretending I don't love you anymore.

The girl dumped him and he is pretending that he is over her, but he can no longer deny that he still loves her. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. General Comment not really a break up sony lyricalnut.

Song of Denial, “Anymore” Written & Recorded by Travis Tritt

A small voice keeps repeating Deep inside my soul. Anymore song meanings. A heartwarming story. He went around saying and lying to everybody, including himself, that he didn't love them anymore, in hopes of looking tough or convincing himself that it was true. General Comment I think that he wants her back and that he is tired of pretending that he is ok with her not being in her life.

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Artists - T. However, he has a lot of pain inside from whatever went wrong and is scared to go back.

Did You Know Travis Tritt’s ‘Anymore’ Was Part of a Trilogy?

He's simply asking for her back. By Katie Madison.

what is anymore by travis tritt about

Travis Tritt. Oh my resistance ain't that strong. Well, none the less its a good song either way.

Brandy Hotard Sings the Travis Tritt Classic ‘Anymore’ on ‘American Idol’

You gotta check out. I've got to take the chance or let it pass by If I expect to get on with my life. In 1989, he signed to Warner Bros. Writer s: Born on February 9, 1963, James Travis Tritt is a country singer, songwriter, and actor.

what is anymore by travis tritt about

My tears no longer waiting.