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Semi-Automatic Pistol Finish: The good news is that you can use any standard full-sized 1911 magazine.

1911 Battle - Ruger vs Taurus!

Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation. The Taurus PT-1911 has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit.

It now becomes the firearms industry's latest testimonial to the world's seemingly insatiable demand for this most classic of all classic pistol designs.

Taurus PT1911 Review. ST, 16175 NW. I've narrowed my two 1911 choices down to a Taurus and a Rock Island.

Taurus pt1911

Over the past few weeks, I have reviewed a solid cross-section of Taurus handguns and have been highly impressed by their performance. We want to help you grow your business, keep your display cases stocked and provide you with the products your customers want.

Registered users also see less ads! Producing quality firearms since 1941, Taurus has become undeniably popular among shooting enthusiasts for its iconic.

Join today, registration is easy! This firearm does show signs of use but does not appear to have been abused. Now I've got a second PT1911 and this one has some issues.

Order the Taurus 1911FS. Watch this review and see why I would recommend it! It did not seem to have any issues at all. By the end of the Taurus 1-191101FS: Hence the 500 rounds endurance test. Keep this manual with your firearm.