What are broad bean pods on wisteria

Urtica spp. Atropa belladonna. I planted 'Dwarf Early Green' broad beans in autumn and they've grown well all winter.

what are broad bean pods on wisteria

Aesculus spp. Chelidonium majus. What's the best way to support them? Xanthium strumarium. Once harvested, wash beans and either use immediately or store in the fridge in a plastic bag. It's my first attempt at growing broad beans so I've no idea what to expect.

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However, ants also love the copious nectar produced by broad bean flowers. Solanum spp.

what are broad bean pods on wisteria

Eupatorium rugosum. Euphorbia spp. They chew through the base of the flower to access the nectar. Be extra vigilant if you're growing broad beans in pots.

what are broad bean pods on wisteria

Dicentra spp. Small tender pods can be steamed and eaten pod and all.

Q & A: Six common broad bean questions

Other insects are also useful pollinators, so we don't rely solely on bumblebees to do the job for us. These destructive insects excrete sugary honey dew, which is very popular with ants.

Broad beans are easy to grow but gardeners do face a few problems in early spring. They may even assist with pollination, which is otherwise a bit hit and miss this time of year.

Wisteria spp. Phytolacca americana. What's going on?