Vinyl record art how to cut watermelon

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vinyl record art how to cut watermelon

Before we get to the actual record pressing, we need materials. It didn't have many sharp angles and people would easily recognize it. Before pressing multiple hundreds or even thousands of records, you want to make sure the record is perfect from both a physical and audio perspective.

Chicken2209 10 years ago.

Vinyl Record Cutouts

NachoMahma 10 years ago. One side has grooves, while the other has ridges. It was what I had on hand, but it also kept the surface from getting too scratched up. Most people have no idea about what it takes for a record to get to this point, but you're no longer one of them, are you?


But there is also something to be said for using what you have on hand if it'll get the job done. When a record player needle runs over these grooves, the needle moves up and down creating an electric current which when amplified and sent through a speaker, produces the music you're accustomed to hearing.

I used a 180 grit sponge. At least not yet. On a small scale you can get away with a normal hacksaw that has a very fine blade, about 5 bucks at the hardware store. I opted for a 45 adapter.

This is how a vinyl record is made

Just mark on the record a cuttingline and cut it with scissors. I Made It!

vinyl record art how to cut watermelon

I've had terrific luck with using a scroll saw. Goodhart 10 years ago.

vinyl record art how to cut watermelon

Inspectors visually evaluate every record for physical flaws that could ruin the sound quality. I chose the latter, and used a dremel tool. Here are some more pictures to give you some ideas.

vinyl record art how to cut watermelon

Get the drill up to speed, preferably in a drill press and have scrap backing for the drill follow-through to prevent tearout on the other side. Downunder35m stirlsa Reply 1 year ago. If I was going to use an electric saw for cutting vinyl records I think I would use the scroll saw as this has variable speed so could cut as slow as you wanted without melting the vinyl and jamming the blade.

vinyl record art how to cut watermelon