How to spell refrain

The young Wiglaf, son of Weohstan, though yet untried in battle, cannot, even in obedience to his lord's prohibition, refrain from going to his help.

He wisely refrained from putting his arm round me, just kept me plied with coffee. Examples of refrain in a Sentence Verb I was going to make a joke but I refrained. The wide separation of the two Montenegrin columns offered the Turks a tempting opportunity of manoeuvre on interior lines, but, for the reasons given above, Hasan Riza was obliged to refrain , and the Montenegrin northern group broke through a series of passively defended positions one after the other.

Translation of refrain Nglish: In the interest of patient safety please refrain from using mobile phones within the hospital. Two years later Jared Ingersoll 1722-1781 , who had been sent to England to protest against the Stamp Act, but had accepted'the office of Stamp Distributor on the advice of Benjamin Franklin, was forced to resign his office. The "we still have another month of winter" quiz. In estimating the work of one who stands at the head of the religious and legal institutions of Israel, it is necessary to refrain from interpreting the traditions from a modern legal standpoint or in the light of subsequent ideas and beliefs for which the sources themselves give no authority.

how to spell refrain

Spanish Central: From the refrain of a song, sung night after night at a Lon. It is alleged, further, that at this time certain Jews who could not refrain from intermarriage with ' Reference may be made to H. Spanish words for Refrain evitar, contener, detener, abstenerse, estribillo, cantinela.

how to spell refrain

First Known Use of refrain Verb 14th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense Noun 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1.

These different memoirs, being technically monographs, have strictly no right to be mentioned in this place; but there is scarcely one of them, if one indeed there be, that does not deal with the generalities of the study; and the influence they have had upon contemporary investigation is so strong that it is impossible to refrain from noticing them here, though want of space forbids us from enlarging on their contents.

What is the definition of refrain? English - United States Change. Verb Thae Yong Ho, a senior North Korean diplomat until 2016, said that pledging to rejoin the treaty would help commit Pyongyang to disarmament, as the agreement obliges signatories to refrain from acquiring nuclear...

how to spell refrain

Whiskey's to tough , Champagne costs too much , Vodka puts my mouth in gear. Lee, Ars Technica , "Republicans are mad at Google for search bias—will they do anything about it?

how to spell refrain

Refrain Sentence Examples. They needed to refrain from such acts and restore respect for the rule of law. At the same time he remained thoroughly master of himself and had the self-control to refrain or to enjoy.

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how to spell refrain