How to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

how to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

The color on the edge piece's top U face will determine the direction the edge piece should move. Wrong orientation: Find more details about the solution of the white corners here.

how to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

Then use the solving sequence 0, 2 or 4 times until the white and blue tiles are lined up. If you're moving the edge piece in the same direction as indicated hereā€¦.

how to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

The goal of the whole step is to solve all of the 5 remaining edge pieces. Now you've done the edges on the white face, all that's left are the corners.

how to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

Then follow the matching algorithm for that orientation. Now, do one of the three algorithms according to the orientation of the piece, aka. These algorithms are written using this notation, so you can always come back to this section if you've forgotten by the time we need them.


If they are adjacent, hold the cube so that the two solved pieces are facing the front and left of the cube shown in the left picture , then perform: This is only seen in one case of the 21 though, so you won't see it often.

IT doesn't matter if the other color tile on the Edge piece matches anything. Spend some time playing with the puzzle to familiarize with it before you read this solution tutorial and see how far you can get without help.

How to solve a rubiks cube [Five easy steps to solving the cube]

The Strategy It's hard not to break the solved pieces while fixing new ones. We need to divide the cube into layers and use algorithms in each step which don't break the finished parts.

The cube is solved.

how to solve the rubiks cube puzzle

It is very important to note that a full bar a blue edge has a blue corner on either side of it, so all three pieces are blue is also seen as a set of headlights. Do this sequence 1, 2 or 3 times to achieve a complete yellow top U face.

There are 7 different corner positions possible after you have oriented the edges. The picture shows the end goal of this step.

How To Solve A Rubik's Cube

Play with your cube and get familiar with it. Stage 1 Get to know your 2x2 cube 2x2 Stage 1: If your cube already has the cross, skip this part. If not, complete step 2. These algorithms insert the Up-Front edge piece from the top layer to the middle layer while not messing up the solved white face.

White Edges 2. Step 6: