How to do ply split braiding supplies

Press one end against the cord, and roll tightly between your thumb and fingers. Safety glasses.

Getting Started in Ply-Split Braiding

Making Cords for Ply-Split Braiding. Once the yarn is overtwisted, fold it twice so that you have four plies.

Clear step-by-step instructions, together with excellent color illustrations, make this book a user-friendly introduction to the craft of ply-split braiding.

Keep the yarn under tension at all times.

how to do ply split braiding supplies

Fraser Fiber Art David W. Necklaces, baskets, purse and bag handles, clothing accessories...

Then fold the yarn again in the same way, making four strands stretching between the drill and outend. My Account Contact Us. Ply-Split Braiding. Cordmaking takes time, but allows you to control the fiber, amount and direction of twist, diameter, and colors.

how to do ply split braiding supplies

And our own gallery. See Making Cords for Ply-split Braiding for a video, and a survey of cord making methods.

how to do ply split braiding supplies

Designing your own cord design by color and yarn choices or mixing colors within each cord makes the art your own. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Making Cords for Ply-Split Braiding

Fraser Fiber Art, David W. This beautifully illustrated book is the best available for beginners.

how to do ply split braiding supplies

Here are some links to get you started: Classes are typically offered by weaving or basketry guilds, or offered in local yarn shops as one or two day classes.

Here is a list classes as found in an internet search: Click here for cordmaking terms. Weavershand Ply-Split Galleries.

Hand-operated 4-hook twisters are also available. Pattern is formed by the placement of cord color and the order in which they are split. Sharing between friends or at a guild is a good idea.

Pattern is created by the order of the split cords and the colors of those cords.