Whos the boss sams yellow car

Optimus took over protecting Sam and Mikaela and ordered his subordinates to take care of Starscream together. Starscream wound up landing in a river, and Sam used a downed power line to electrocute the water, damaging Starscream and forcing him to retreat. Sam and Carly tried to flee in the loaned Mercedes, only for it to reveal itself as Soundwave , who held Carly hostage.

Following the incident, will Iain Dean Michael Stevenson leave his job and life behind unable to cope with the loss of Sam? He then met Carly's boss, Dylan Gould , who seemed all too close to his girlfriend, but Sam denied any jealousy.

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Casualty spoilers: Iain Dean future revealed after Sam Nicholls death?

Sam pleaded for the chance to talk things through, just as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee arrived and attacked the Decepticons, freeing Sam, Mikaela and Leo. Optimus extended his thanks, telling him he owed Sam a debt of gratitude. Official Sites. Sam was surprised to learn his great-grandfather's glasses contained the location to the Allspark, and he went to go retrieve them with Mikaela, only for them and Bumblebee to be captured by Sector 7.

whos the boss sams yellow car

Luckily, Bumblebee caught him, and after Carly jumped onto the fighter, Sam held Laserbeak in place as Bumblebee blasted the 'Con's head off. Setting off with Jetfire's translation of the symbols, "When dawn alights the Dagger's Tip, Three Kings shall reveal the doorway", Sam planned to have Simmons call Lennox and have him transport Optimus's body to Egypt.

Sam Witwicky

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whos the boss sams yellow car

Beginnings is a condensed, flash-animated retelling of the IDW Transformers: Frustrated, Sam walked to Mikaela's to cool off, but twenty minutes later, he was captured by Barricade, who chained him up and hung him from a hook over a junkyard car crusher. For Christmas 2010, Sam let Bumblebee observe the Witwicky festivities and worried the Autobot would start copying his dad's traditions.

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Bumblebee then used the abandoned chain-hook to knock Barricade into a pool of gasoline. It comes after Iain and Sam were sent to help two young women out of their car after they crashed into the side of a petrol container.

Bumblebee, who could now speak, requested permission to stay with Sam, to which Sam eagerly agreed. Sam tried to stop him but failed, and Dylan kicked him off the collapsed structure. Unluckily, he then saw Bumblebee get gunned down by Soundwave , who'd come to recruit the twins. They explained they'd been framed for a crime they didn't commit, they had vital intelligence of a secret Decepticon army, and they wanted Sam to inform Optimus because Prime trusted him.

While hanging out together on the open road, Sam and Bumblebee came under attack from Starscream. However Dylan revealed that his father was once one of the Decepticons' allies. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Sam thanked Bumblebee for always being his friend when he needed him to be.

whos the boss sams yellow car