Who makes jagermeister snowboard

Jägermeister Snowboard

Does anyone know where I can buy jagermeister ait's a german alcoholic drink? Dec 2005. See pictures.

who makes jagermeister snowboard

Used 5150 snowboard with size 12 boots. There are also plenty of laid-back greens and blues — including the Meadows, which is lush at sunset, and Suntanner, where Burton used to test boards. What it lacked in dramatic jagged peaks, it made up for with bright white ski runs latticed against a dark green tree backdrop.

who makes jagermeister snowboard

The boxes, jumps and rails weren't too intimidating, and the run-ups and landings were well looked after, so even though we might not have looked that pretty, we had a good time there.

In all honesty, these boards and skis are generally not much better quality than rental equipment. Buoyed by this, we headed for Smoothie, the medium park, where we made slight fools of ourselves. We resisted the urge to head straight for the Kids Parkway , and went for the next park up the size and ability scale, the Tyrolienne.


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who makes jagermeister snowboard

It has some... Related Questions Rent or buy snowboard equipment? There was no blue plaque, of course, but there is a wall of memorabilia, including a Burton Performer board circa 1982 and some amusing photographs from back in the day. Feb 2007 Location:

who makes jagermeister snowboard