What does origin post preparing shipment

Komokwa, I'm reading this post in 2014 and it's relevant to my situation at present.

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Any help would be great thanks. Sep 11, 2012 11: Oct 25, 2013 6: This was my 15th order and it has never taken any of them over three weeks to reach the US.

what does origin post preparing shipment

Capitol City Radio Control Club. Message 2 of 34. Return to HobbyKing. Sep 12, 2012 7: I have literally had a package in my hands that took about 3 weeks to get to me that said "Origin post is preparing shipment" when I tracked it sitting next to me.

Business Insights. Aug 31, 2013 , 11: You must be patient and continue to track your parcel on the USPS site for any new movement. Thanks for the reply, I'm not so concerned with the amount of time it takes just knowing where it is.

what does origin post preparing shipment

Aug 23, 2013 , 08: So on this page it's telling you that the parcel is in transit. Sep 12, 2012 10: Origin post is preparing shipment... Primary Menu Skip to content.

Origin Post, may well refer to the fact that the item has been processed into the postal system of the country of origin. As expensive as the HK shipping is, the quality should be a whole lot better. A Part-time eBay Sellers Group: When the container is scanned, the status of all of the packages on the manifest will update.

what does origin post preparing shipment

Life, The Universe, and Politics. Thanks for your comments. Got the package delivered before the tracking number worked because it missed the scan. As far as quality goes i'm always happy with what i buy from them but i do know they have the odd bit of gear in their warehouse that i wouldn't buy,but from what i can see HK has started to stay away from that sort of thing these days,if you look at their new items pages you can see the quality has got a lot better.