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He was a zombie? Before The Simpsons hit the airwaves, American television had never seen a cartoon family that felt so real.

A forbidden donut notwithstanding, his biggest food blunder is likely eating 64 slices of American cheese in a single sitting. Not that Homer treated him any better, filling the monkey with beer and donuts until it was just as lazy as the man it was supposed to help.

stampy cake everywhere dreamgirls

Eating an orange Going to work Riding a bike Drinking a beer. No one ever accused Homer of being an expert on nutrition.

Granted, he did once con his way into a job as a food critic, but that was more based on his strong interest in the subject matter than any mastery of it. To many fans of The Simpsons, the series probably could have ended around season 10 without all that much being lost. Initially, Homer finds himself unable to consume these deadly veggies, but after he realizes eating a candle will make the wax block his nerve endings, Homer downs so many peppers he goes on a vision quest aided by a bizarre coyote.

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He also won a number of Grammys and proudly released an album claiming he was Bigger Than Jesus, all while singing light pop songs with his barbershop quartet. Jay James Jebediah Jerome. Yes, Skip No, Stay. Are you joking?

stampy cake everywhere dreamgirls

One of the earliest ways Homer supplemented money earned at the Nuclear Power Plant was managing a budding young country musician, the voice of whom he heard one late evening in a weepy bar. Burns, when it turns out they need someone to handle the finances.

Oh, poor, poor Homer. Trying to fatten the lobster up into a greater meal leads to a strong emotional bond, which Homer botches by giving his pet a bath, killing it after all.

stampy cake everywhere dreamgirls

Tabloid news rarely cares about the actual details, preferring to come up with their own version of events and reporting it as fact regardless of the truth. Homer Simpson faces this issue directly when accused of sexual harassment by a babysitter, when it was actually a misunderstanding, eventually cleared up by Groundskeeper Willie.

stampy cake everywhere dreamgirls

Burns and Smithers attempting to invade his home during the feast. Surprisingly, Homer is rational enough to understand simply punching the guy in the face could have bad repercussions, so instead he creates an elaborate costume and decides to publicly shame him the old fashioned way.

A father of three who spends all daylight hours toiling away at the Nuclear Power Plant or wherever else that will hire him to provide for his kids, Homer is a family man deep down on the inside.

However, none of these flings in the entertainment, public works, criminal, educational, or sporting worlds really pan out, not to mention any other area Homer tossed his hat in the ring. Blue Yellow Pink Polka dot.

Radio Diameter Computer Purple. For example, each member of the Simpson family has died in one TOH or another, as have practically every last resident of Springfield. Decades later, Homer would again wind up on the festival circuit, this time as a performer, able to withstand the blast of a cannonball directly into his gut. Questions Left. According to creator Matt Groening, the official number was somewhere around 188, and that was just in the first 400 episodes.

stampy cake everywhere dreamgirls