So what nutty audiophile


The Harbeth designer's objective is to make loudspeakers that contribute little of themselves to the music passing through them. Big expensive name brand rigs that sound horrible. One of my neigbours is an expert on this, and he had to face a hostile audience and presenter in a TV studio, bombarding him with pseudo science and mostly just suspicion.

so what nutty audiophile

Filtered by: It is not politically correct to say so, but judgment and discrimination are how we tell good from acceptable from bad--in sound reproduction or anything else.

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so what nutty audiophile

And between my house and the power plant there were, and still are, literally, tons of cable suspended from towering utility poles traversing pastures, forests and interstate highways. It was not until about 30 years later that I finally got my first Marantz power amp a Model 16 and a pair of Voice of the Theater speakers.

Hearing low-fidelity sound from several directions is not an advance in music reproduction.

so what nutty audiophile

After all, the tiny voltages carrying the musical signal are greatly isolated from the raw energy coming out of a wall. Altec-Lansing, for example, sells thousands of plastic computer and i-pod speakers annually, mostly for wireless docking, but not a single Voice of the Theater speaker, or any other high fidelity speaker system. Top-to-bottom purity, detail and dynamics; no discernible sins of omission or commission; superb build quality. The music that Bill's Hi-Fi system produced sounded so different from what we were used to hearing on the radio that we thought it strange and scorned his hobby.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

More ridiculous audiophile propaganda. It would be nice if audiophile magazines and web sites were more reliable and objective.

Obviously the questioner had sound quality in mind. I loved that piece in The Federalist, and as a scholar on the interface between humanities and social sciences I appreciate our role in condoning much of this attitude.

I said World Class. Post modern subjectivism does have a following in academia. But people do not know any better so they just assume its great.

so what nutty audiophile

None of us had ever heard anything remotely comparable. In the end, only about half the young girls in the Netherlands have been vaccinated, leaving many fatally exposed.

Like they are made to conduct electricity from top to bottom or from left to right, and absolutely not the other way around. Yes No.