How to test ez go txt controller

how to test ez go txt controller

Site Sponsors. If the voltage remains below 14 or above 16 volts, the controller is faulty.

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And there are different values for different drive systems with the Curtis control. Some cable may be ready to come off. Testing Controller,Fixing Problem. Thread Tools.

ezgo controller testing

Once you are certain your test method is correct retest the switch in question. Thanks in advance. This can be checked with your voltmeter by putting the black test lead on the battery main positive in the red test lead on the small posts with the blue or black wire.

how to test ez go txt controller

With the resistor in place the reading should be 0. Controller testing.

how to test ez go txt controller

Be certain that the battery pack voltage is not dropping dramatically when you try to go - this may indicate one or more bad batteries which may prohibit the cart from running.

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Controller Test on EZGO 48v txt

Originally Posted by JohnnieB. I regret there is not enough time in a day for me to personally walk everybody through their cart diagnostics. These readings are true for the Curtis control.

how to test ez go txt controller

The reading should be 0. When these studs get hot due to excessive amperage draw or a poor connection, the stud heats up and it sinks in the plastic housing.

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how to test ez go txt controller

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