How to get cas action hours

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Finding supervisors for school activities is usually quite simple. She plans to knock two pins with one bowling ball by having this as her CAS project. You could, submit your published writing, but also drafts of your writing, research for a certain article or pictures you may have taken to illustrate the writing. Plan an overnight hiking expedition — take an experienced outdoors person with you 2. Teach yourself how to direct and edit a film.

how to get cas action hours

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CAS Hours Service Section Reflection

It can include the sports you play in school as well as dancing, running, or anything else you do which counts as a genuine, challenging physical activity. They fall into one of three categories or are a combination of multiple: Design a series of after school tutoring sessions. Action Join a sports team. Hear from our DP community. Say for example you love baking. Get a couple of friends to go with you and that should be a fine time.

"Can I Get CAS for That?" – Ideas for IB Students

It might not be the most fun events, but if you are looking for service points, these are great places to start. You can try volunteering at a hospital, or try to volunteer at a university? Commit to riding your bike to school a certain number of times per week.

how to get cas action hours

So, a friend of mine and myself decided to form a small pilates class for beginners, taught in English. What kind of good and recognised activities are known to earn plenty of cas hours every month? Tutor at a local elementary school 2.

How to deal with CAS: Ideas for IB Students

Went cycling there for roughly around 250km, so that was 32 hours there. Try bowling. Part 1.

how to get cas action hours

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