How to cut a pineapple life hacks

how to cut a pineapple life hacks

Man, I don't know. There is a wonderful method that will not only efficiently remove the eyes from the pineapple, but also increase its aesthetic value for serving. The video shows a pineapple street vendor revealing his revolutionary technique step-by-step.

Hardly anyone wants to be the one responsible for peeling, cutting and serving it. While not as fancy as pineapple rings, knowing how to cut up a pineapple into chunks is a basic culinary skill you can master at home. These tools can help you cut the fruit in seconds and get rid of that chewy middle part that no one wants to eat. Now you have flesh with a lot of brown eyes.

Pineapple Cutting Hack

Slice it off from top to bottom along the curve of the pineapple to retain the most amount of flesh. All he had to do after that was shake the pineapple slices out of their crust and into a bag, and voila: But if you buy pineapples often, you may want to invest in a corer and slicer. Keywords life hack , Look At This , news , pineapple. Push the consecutive pieces in opposite directions with your fingers to create a unique presentation. Wellness, Meet Inbox Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness.

how to cut a pineapple life hacks

I have no idea how he did that! You May Also Like. Pineapple upside down cake is a classic American dessert that combines rich, moist cake with pineapple rings and cherries on top. The first time that I saw this last part, I was still a little sleepy and for a split second thought the bag which, in my defense, is the same color yellow as the inside of a pineapple was somehow like a weird flabby part of the pineapple?

Place those slices collectively on a plate.

There’s A Right Way To Cut Pineapples And You Probably Haven’t Been Doing It

It's genius. Peeling a pineapple can be like a stone-in-the-shoe situation. But that is all going to change, ladies and gentlemen, with this hack for how to cut a pineapple. Then there are people who can cut a pineapple like butter remember the famous Indonesian pineapple seller video on YouTube? This savvy chef knows a knows a thing or two about how to cut a whole pineapple. Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox.

How to Cut and Serve a Pineapple

Near the top of the corer, you will see two black knobs jutting out from diametrically opposite ends. Chop The Ends Off. Who wants sticky pineapple water and squishy fruit slices everywhere when they could do something this seamless?

how to cut a pineapple life hacks

Here is a better version: Share via Pinterest. And hey, this might just be the hack you needed to increase your pineapple slicing efficiency.