How big does money trees grow

how big does money trees grow

AP Ann Padicken Feb 18. However, if you want your plant to develop fully, choose one with unplaited stems.

how big does money trees grow

Money trees prefer well-drained soil. Watering and fertilizing needs to be reduced during dormancy. Soggy soil is the most common reason this plant dies, so don't overpot. However, the nuts have a presence of cyclopropenoid fatty acids in them. Maggie Moran.

All About the Feng Shui Money Plant

Propagate new plants by taking cuttings from stems and rooting them in water. This is used to detect comment spam. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

It largely depends on your personal preferences and skillset. My tree is 2 years old and still pretty small. If you want to keep the plant small, remove older, larger branches at the crown of the plant as needed.

How to Care for Money Trees

Other Considerations If your plant begins to drop leaves, it may not be getting enough moisture; increase the quantity or frequency of watering. Make sure your money tree isn't near any heat vents that could be drying out the air.

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Care Instructions for a Money Tree Plant

Do houseplants better your mood when stuck inside or at the office? Never thought it could be the tap water that is making my money tree unhealthy, but it makes a lot of sense. Guide to Wine Country Green State: Adding a feng shui money plant entails two decisions: The five leaves represent the five elements: If you want to grow the full tree, use a half-diluted liquid fertilizer every two weeks in spring and summer.

how big does money trees grow

Many thanks. I have lots of plants in my house but have never seen this particular one.