History of who lived in house

Local bookstores and airport bookshops are also bound to sell plenty of books and literature written on the specific city or area of the country. Other Government Agencies Land Titles Office has resources that can help to trace the history of property through the use of historic maps, plans, deeds and titles.

history of who lived in house

Here are the steps to go through to find the history of your house or building at the Library. Search for telephone subscribers to find earlier lists. Follow us. Useful information on Australian architectural styles and history can be found in our collections.

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Some of these photographs may also be viewed online on the Historic Images Gallery. PWD261 - General Government buildings, arranged alphabetically by department - much of the correspondence is about interiors. Other resources Need help? These maps give the name of the original land owner to whom land was granted. This way, buyers know with absolute certainty that the person selling them the home is actually the owner. Who Lived in Your House?

history of who lived in house

This index to Tasmanian newspapers and journals includes references to historic Tasmanian buildings that appear in major Tasmanian publications.

Maps A large collection of neighbourhood and city maps, including annexation maps. These plans are part of files of building applications and include the council areas of Hobart, Glenorchy, Launceston, Clarence, Kingborough and Bruny Island. Catalogue Website.

How To Find Out the History of Your House

For many properties they also show the number of rooms and how the rooms were used. In most cases you will need a name or a full address in order to have success. Land Grant Maps c. Whitfeld Index - a selective index of personal names found in Tasmanian colonial newspapers 1816-1900, mostly applicable to Northern Tasmania.

You may even find out the number of stories and location of doors and windows.

history of who lived in house

Is your house old? F ortunately, Moving.