When they say they dont care quotes

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Stop Caring Quotes, Sayings

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when they say they dont care quotes

I believe that all wisdom consists in caring immensely for a few right things, and not caring a straw about the rest. Dan Pearce. Greg Behrendt.

when they say they dont care quotes

Turning a breakup into a break-over... That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets. It really is that simple. The funny thing is, I'm so used to not caring what anyone says, good or bad, that unfortunately even when people say good things...

Not Caring Quotes

Love ends when you stop caring. Anthony Burgess. The anxious person still remains the same because anxiety is a wave that crashes on the shore every time an unpredictable circumstance challenges their expectations and comfort zone.

John Buchan.

when they say they dont care quotes

I am only passionately curious. It is not the most lovable individuals who stand more in need of love, but the most unlovable. Life ends when you stop dreaming.

when they say they dont care quotes

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