When is falls 2013 lineup announced layoffs

Their jobs, ironically, are handling citizens' unemployment claims. Both gave handsomely to their respective parties before running for elective office and winning on their first tries.

Layoffs hit. The special fund was to expire in 2017. Scott Wagner, R-York, rather than Wolf. The bill went nowhere. The Senate had three days to vote a final time on the House bill, but didn't. Wagner runs a municipal trash company and trucking business among other ventures. He's unsure how the strategy would play in a general election.

Pa. layoff fight looks like prelude to 2018 governor's race

Tom Wolf a. Typically a chief executive, in this case Wolf, is blamed for a layoff. The House acted, however. Blame for layoffs typically falls on a governor, but affected families may blame Wagner, said Charlie Gerow, a Republican strategist with the Harrisburg firm Quantum Communications.

Money and the layoffs could loom large in 2018 if Wagner gets past what could be a crowded GOP primary. The layoffs came after the Republican-controlled Senate failed to vote on a Republican House bill providing some, but not all, of the money Democratic Gov.

Wolf could have found the money in the budget to keep the call centers open while providing the Senate with more information to justify a new vote in January, Wagner said.

Wagner said in an interview he regrets "how it went down," but insisted the layoffs are Wolf's fault. Wagner told reporters he stopped the vote. Upon request from lawmakers, the administration provided records outlining the program's history and how the new money would be spent to improve automation, allowing the closure of a call center without layoffs.

More than just the workers have been hurt by the layoffs, said John Dodd, executive director of Philadelphia Unemployment Project, a nonprofit that helps jobless and low-income citizens. And the impacted workers can expect to relive their indignity over and over as their plight becomes fodder for the finger-pointing already starting ahead of the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

And voters got a possible prelude to the 2018 election. The state call center is experiencing two-hour waits, and unemployed workers are encouraged to use alternative online services to ease frustrations, Labor and Industry Department spokeswoman Sara Goulet said. The Dec.