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Community Reviews. Save 25,521 saves. I will summarise it by quoting from the book "No matter what the models say, traders are not machines guided by silicon chips; they are impressionable and imitative; they run in flocks and retreat in hordes". Save 1,310 saves.

He also points out how other investment banks Goldman in particular were trying to go public so that they could place even more bets with shareholder money one of the real crimes of this era. But no-one has said how unlikely their success was according to their own models.

When Genius Failed

The first worked in their favor, as volatility shrank and shrank without so much as a hiccup for four years. See 1 question about When Genius Failed…. Aug 20, 2014 Kara Lane rated it really liked it. After enormous success and huge flows of investment into the fund, "Long-Term was succumbing to the fatal temptation to puts its money someplace", and began buying options on clear speculation.

They assumed that predicting the future price of a security is like predicting the outcome of a coin flip: And the second blew up the firm. On the contrary, restaurants are plentiful throughout the city, especially within the picturesque Old City.

When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management

Less than five months later, this same dollar was worth only 30 cents. Roger Lowenstein. Everything from laidback, rural life in the outlying islands to the bustling metropolis is mentioned, and with the right planning a lot can be seen in a day! Save 3,442 saves. Mar 30, 2012 Rishi Prakash rated it it was amazing. When you see it, learn to be sceptical.

For example, a little nation defaults or devalues. However, the town raised the white flag to Swedish forces during the Great Northern War in the early 18th century, occupying the town 1704, and again between 1715 to 1716 under Saxon troops. Retrieved from " https: And these, in turn, stem from the efficient market hypothesis, and the random walk theory that goes along with it.