What if i stop drinking diet soda

It usually has very few to no calories and no significant nutrition.

what if i stop drinking diet soda

Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. In fact, brain scans show that diet soda alters sweet receptors in the brain and prolongs sugar cravings rather than satisfies them.

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda

However, research suggests this solution may not be so straightforward. Diet sodas were first introduced in the 1950s for people with diabetes, though they were later marketed to people trying to control their weight or reduce their sugar intake.

what if i stop drinking diet soda

In addition, this study has not been supported by other research 39. You will probably crave less food altogether. Carbonated Sparkling Water: After being off Diet Coke for a month, I started to feel better.

Diet Soda: Good or Bad?

Why it's time to cut back Shutterstock. I can't remember exactly when our relationship began, but it was probably sometime in college. Yes, diet soda has zero calories. Cutting the calories from sugar-spiked soda is a no-brainer: One study showed that women who drank several diet sodas a day showed a significant decline in kidney function.

what if i stop drinking diet soda

So how many diet sodas have you had today? Not sure what to eat and drink to protect your brain?

Are You Addicted to Diet Soda?

The main reason I wanted to quit my diet soda addiction is because I was pretty sure it was messing with my body. It is possible to ditch your diet soda dependency, however.

Without your usual diet soda chaser, you may find that food has more flavor. The caffeine in soda is not your friend.

what if i stop drinking diet soda

Although diet soda has no calories, sugar or fat, it has been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease in several studies. The sugar will eat away at our enamel, putting us at higher risk for cavities.

what if i stop drinking diet soda

Sponsored By. Earlier Danish research supports these findings. Another study in the journal Alcoholism: Start with simply drinking more water.