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Lastly, does test-your-memory help with new learning? The finches aren't the only animals discussed; cichlid fish a favorite of evolutionary biologists for the ease with which they can be studied are discussed at several points; and the later part of the book includes a chapter that Rachel Carson would have loved about pesticides and the adaptation of insects that such chemicals prompt. And they've been doing it continuously since 1973!

If you refuse to see that, you have an issue. Breakthrough Buy From.

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The research subjects often follow a three step process:. If the taste bores you, add mint leaves or slices of lemon, orange, lime or cucumbers. The big flood! In this dramatic story of groundbreaking scientific research, Jonathan Weiner follows these scientists as they watch Darwin's finches and come up with a new understanding of life itself.

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The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time

At the same time, it's always seemed to me that humans have lived a particularly charmed evolutionary existence - walking upright, thumbs, language, brains that are far more developed that any other animal. Thrilling fieldwork. Sign Up. Scientific books with journalistic and literary tones annoy and distract me a lot and if it were not for that, this book would have easily earned a perfect 5 star. Other than that, it's nearly perfect in its scope and tone. Wilson's science writing or the skill of Richard Dawkins's prose.

Is that really the best study strategy? Evolution is a not a river of sludge, moving so slowly you can't notice except through conjecture. Read this book and I promise that you'll have plenty to say the next time the dreaded topic of science comes up in conversation. That would have made them seem more normal and less saintl Lots of people I know rave about this book, but my feeling was…. Weiner was arguably 15 years ahead of his time in describing the threat of bacteria that evolve resistance to antibiotics, and his description of evolution sparked by global warming and other human-caused processes now seems almost quaint in its cautious notes of alarm.

It was interesting the quotes from Darwin and the implications on modern results. Click on the Add to next to any video to save to your queue. Everyone gets pretty much the same test as the first one horse —? It always refers to phenotypically distinct finch groups that tend not to interbreed as "species," but, amazingly, the book never attempts a formal definition of "species" and does little more than offer conversations amongst the forlorn scientists that the finch varieties indeed really just have to be separate species despite noisome interbreeding and whatnot.

Click on the Add to next to any podcast episode to save to your queue. I actually quite liked that since I happen to find the Judeo-Christian myths of creation beautiful.