How to play bass jazz scale

As always, see you in the shed... Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Then play the third and fifth frets on the third and then second strings.

how to play bass jazz scale

To play this version of the G major scale, start by playing the 3rd and fifth frets on the fourth string. The most important tip for memorizing and playing bass scales is to always use the correct fingers when playing scales.

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There are three different minor scales on not just the bass, but in all of music: The Augmented Scale Singing Scales: Musicians who play woodwind or brass instruments, for example, have to learn separate intricate patterns of notes for each scale, so string players have a big advantage here. All of the melodies we hear in music are built using notes found in scales, and some pieces of music include large pieces or complete scales in their melodies.

how to play bass jazz scale

Alternate picking is when your picking hand alternates between up and down when using a pick or middle and index when using your fingers. Then, play the third, fourth and fifth frets of the third string before playing the third fret of the second string.

The same DNA found in basic scales is used to construct the chords and melodies found in music. Have your say. Like the sounds they explore, every scale sounds completely different and is therefore constructed with different patterns of notes. Start by playing the third and sixth frets on the fourth and lowest bass string. If you need extra help mastering scales or any other material on the bass, we recommend working with an experienced teacher in your area.

Bass Scales

As soon as you memorize these scale shapes, start moving them around to different spots on the bass for practice. I figured I wasn't alone, so began an epic transcription project where I took 5 great blues solos and learned them front to back trying to discover what techniques the greats were using when improvising over this common sequence. When you take the time to memorize bass scales, it gives you more tools in your musical arsenal when you create music by yourself or with other musicians.

how to play bass jazz scale

What are scales? Then, on the third string, play the third, fifth and sixth frets as well. If you look at a piano, all the black keys make up a pentatonic scale.

All pentatonic scales are comprised of five notes, and they provide the harmonic foundation for blues music. Toggle navigation Contact Us 877-687-4524 Login. Bass Scales. In this lesson I'm going to show you exactly what hack I discovered so you can get it into your playing - today!