How to delete pixels in photoshop cs6

It's a good practice to start lower and work your way up anyway. Remove Stray Pixels in Photoshop.

how to delete pixels in photoshop cs6

The value determines how similar a neighboring color has to be to the color that you click. Select Sample All Layers to sample the erased color using combined data from all visible layers. But if the color of your background is too similar to your subject, causing part of your subject to be erased, try a lower Tolerance setting.

How to Selectively Erase in Photoshop CS6

Thanks in advance for your help. Whichever color is under the crosshair the moment you click your mouse button is the color that Photoshop will erase no matter how many other colors you drag the crosshair over as long as you keep your mouse button held down. The Auto Erase option for the Pencil tool lets you paint the background color over areas containing the foreground color.

However, if I accidentally move the crosshair over an area of green, Photoshop samples the green color and starts erasing green pixels:. I have a black and white image from which I am trying to remove all the white.

how to delete pixels in photoshop cs6

There's A LOT of ways to do this but the best method will depend on the image. If we look in my Layers panel , we see that the image is sitting on the Background layer:. Understanding the Photoshop Eraser Tool. Protect Foreground Color lets you select the Foreground color in the Tools palette and then Photoshop will protect that color when you're erasing.

how to delete pixels in photoshop cs6

In this photo, the flowers are too similar to the background, causing the Background Eraser to erase part of the flowers along with the sky:. Also, you can choose the color from sampled colors drop down menu Fuzziness should be set to 0.

Remove Stray Pixels in Photoshop

The image below is an unaltered version of the coffee mug, just so you can see all the red that Photoshop didn't remove.

To defringe an anti-aliased selection filled with pure colour, follow these simple steps below: Thank you for your interest in this question. Hot Network Questions. It erases pixels of a similar color, replacing them with transparency. The third of the three major options for the Background Eraser is Tolerance , which determines how different a pixel's color can be from the sampled color for Photoshop to erase it.

how to delete pixels in photoshop cs6

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