How to control class discipline clip

Although this is easier said than done, the key to an effective discipline policy in any classroom is consistency. An I-message is composed of three parts:. Treat students with respect. Spend more time teaching and less time searching. Help students work on their social-emotional skills. Teachers who have multiple classes use simple notebook dividers to separate one class from another.

Talk about your rules on the first day of class.

how to control class discipline clip

Other teachers leave a stack of "think sheets" in the desk in the buddy room; the offending student completes a think sheet—which has places for the student to describe what he or she was doing wrong, the effects the behavior had on the class, and what he or she will do to correct the behavior. Method 3.

So don't talk over their voices. Download without a subscription. Look and act professionally. Can students get out of their seats for the activity?

how to control class discipline clip

Middle schoolers can swing wildly with emotions at this age, and having patience and positivity will make your job more enjoyable. The teacher sends her to the office.

how to control class discipline clip

Stir things up every so often. This will take the student out of the immediate physical situation. If you are firm, cool, and assertive, they may feel that the balance of power tips in your favor. If you are having trouble maintaining discipline in your classroom, ask your principal or colleagues for suggestions on successful strategies.

Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Discipline

There are a number of online seminars and workshops about improving classroom discipline. In this case, you might make a special exception or suggest that the student take a different class to accommodate his schedule. Get students engaged and involved.