What is bioaccumulation gcse

Intervention resources, including essential SATs Survival tools , to help support and boost learning. DDT DDT is a chemical pesticide which was used by farmers to control insect pests eating their crops.

The small animals and fish further up the food chain collected more and more because it wasn't lost not excreted from their bodies. Bioaccumulation Sequencing Cards. This repeats as secondary consumers are eaten by higher level consumers.

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Bioaccumulation Sequencing Cards

Save for Later. It increases the pH above 7. It can be used to demonstrate bioaccumulation as shown in this diagram.

what is bioaccumulation gcse

The high concentrations of DDT in birds of prey weakened their egg shells, their young died and populations decreased. If the animals at the start of a food chain take up small amounts it becomes more and more concentrated higher up until it can kill the animals at the top - including humans.


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what is bioaccumulation gcse

Eight million, three hundred and thirty three thousand, three hundred and thirty three. It gives them cancer.

what is bioaccumulation gcse

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what is bioaccumulation gcse

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what is bioaccumulation gcse

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