How to transport stuff to university

Packing Tips.

The Fashionable Student: How To Pack For Uni In Less Than A Week

Looking for boxes? We have seen 30 Kg shipped in an old crisp packet box designed to carry 1. Childhood items you may want to set aside, just in case. We do not recommend sending more than 25Kg.

Plan to buy some of your essentials at your new location, especially items that are easy to find. Featured universities. Start by picking the things that you know you wear the most, your favourite pair of jeans, t-shirts and jumpers.

How to Pack for College When Moving to Another State

If you're having a hard time deciding what's a "keeper" and what's not, ask yourself when the last time you wore it or used it. We'll respond with a code which you can enter into the above form to secure student pricing on your order.

how to transport stuff to university

Choose something that really reflects your personality and make sure you buy two sets of bedding. Have your say Log in or register to post comments. Eight of the weirdest university societies. And don't take it if you aren't sure you'll wear it that much. That will always come in handy. Your boxes will travel down conveyor belts at speed and be handled by at least 10 different people all under huge time pressures.

Therefore, chances are you'll get to the final week before uni and not have packed one single thing.

how to transport stuff to university

Skip to main content. Remember you can always bring things back from home later on in the term if you really miss them. By Niamh McShane. These are great tips and the same tips can be used when you are ready to fly home for holidays and need Matthew James to store your stuff.

It's very likely as well, that your halls of residence will have a common room with a TV, which is a much more sociable way to watch your favourite TV shows. Chances are you'll find a good home. SMBstudents Tweets.

how to transport stuff to university

Most of the time they are great, but occasionally we have problems with drivers not calling to collect when they say they will, or if you have a lot of boxes saying they don't have enough space on their van. It might be better to go shopping after you arrive. We cannot contact the drivers for you and ask them to collect at a specific time.

how to transport stuff to university

Universities will also have good printing facilities in the libraries and study rooms, so you'll always be able to print things out when you need to. We very much appreciate when you tell your family and friends about us.