How to play country guitar leads

Want to Knock 'em Dead in Nashville? Learn These 20 Tasty Country Licks

You might find this chord shape easier to finger with your thumb rotated further down the neck to give you a little more reach. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Fill out my online form. By that I mean to use the corresponding blues scale to the major chord your are playing over.

how to play country guitar leads

These intervals can create a really country sound. Pull up the jam track and try playing back and forth between an A major pentatonic scale and an A minor pentatonic scale. Mix and match your major and minor pentatonic scales, all in the same key, for the subtle country sound.

how to play country guitar leads

The Scales Despite the melodic complexity of their solos, country guitarists mostly rely on a few choice scales: Co-Authored By:. This should produce a pitchless snapping sound indicated in the notation by an X as the muted string ricochets off the fretboard. Modern country guitar is an amalgam of traditional and not-so-traditional playing approaches borrowed from several related homegrown American styles.

Pluck ’Em! A Crash Course in Country Guitar

The initial four-note pattern repeats three times in bar 1, followed by a quick pull-down bend at the third fret, best performed with the middle finger supported by the index. As you bend the 4th fret g string keep the note bent then play the the 5th fret of the b and small e string, which are both played by barring holding down both strings with your pinky.

how to play country guitar leads

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. The first step to using tip number two is to simply get used to switching back and forth between your major pentatonic and minor pentatonic scales. His YouTube channel, Guitareo, has over 450,000 subscribers. This lesson we'll take a look at how to get the country twang sound. The blues scale Ex.

how to play country guitar leads

Intermediate Theory: Give it a try. There are 6 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

3 Country Lead Guitar Tips

Focus on your blue notes, bolded above, to slide back and forth to your major scale. Notice the half-step approaches going into the A and E chords. Barre your fret-hand ring finger across these strings at the 14th fret and pull it off to an index-finger barre at the 12th fret. As such, it includes elements of blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, and even jazz, and it offers a tasty mix of expressive and challenging playing techniques.

Remember, this phrase is played with hybrid picking, so use your flatpick for the notes with the downstroke symbol and your middle finger m for the others. Cosmic Country: Bending the minor third up to the major third is a lot like bending the two up to the three.

how to play country guitar leads

This lick caters to more of a bluesy country rock sound, and is played in the key of D.