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Favour — Obtains her not by his own diligence, but by God's good providence. Thank you Lord! Proverbs 18: Jarchi interprets it of the law in a mystic sense, but, according to the literal sense, of a good wife ; and obtaineth favour of the Lord ; it is from the Lord , and under his direction and guidance in seeking, that he finds a good wife ; and which he ought to esteem as a favour from the Lord , and as an evidence of his favour to him, and may encourage himself to hope for others of him f530 Hesiod says, a man cannot obtain anything better than a good wife.


This verse states that it's good to be married. Interlinear Search. When destruction walks through the land it casts its shadow; it is in the shape of pride. Differently to be admonished are they who do not even begin good things, and those who in no wise complete such as they have begun.

A happy marriage At the outset these words strike two thoughts on our attention. Genesis 2: Bibliography Coffman, James Burton. Wesley's Notes for Proverbs 18: God bless.

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A thousand counterfeit coins, even if they pass as genuine for a time, are nothing worth in comparison with one real golden sovereign. Parallel Search. There are 53 days til Easter! Thomas Constable The favor God bestows is His blessing. Other Translations Click here to view. See chap. What Do You Think of Proverbs 18?

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A man may drag along a miserable existence in proud solitary … C. A good wife is a great blessing to a man. I shall always endeavour to make choice of such a woman for my spouse who hath first made choice of Christ as a spouse for herself; that none may be made one flesh with me who is not made one spirit with Christ my Saviour.