Whole house fan pull switch

When my chain broke there was no solution but replacing the switch.

Replacing pull chain for whole house attic fan

No one carried the switch I needed locally. Skip to secondary content. It was. Definitely took the stress out of trying to figure out what to do when my pull cord snapped inside the switch Thank you!

whole house fan pull switch

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Member-only deals Earn more points Personalized savings get more benefits. We have Attic Aire and I cannot locate a video of how to repair the chain mechanism. Or have friends and family in the U. Very helpful! I reassembled the box it was housed in and everything worked perfectly.

whole house fan pull switch

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whole house fan pull switch

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Whole House Fan Switch

The switch came with a pull string so I added the chain from the old switch and it was good to go. I called everywhere; hardware stores, lighting stores, electrical supply stores, Radio Shack. Once you place an order, you or someone you know can pick it up at a Sears store, have it shipped to over 100 countries—whatever is most convenient for you.

And what brand do you have? One evening I pulled the chain on my whole house attic fan to turn it off and thought at the time it sounded a little funny. Take advantage of this major convenience and get whatever you wish, shipped to wherever you want.

Do you happen to have a video of how you repaired it? Earn points, get exclusive coupons and save.

whole house fan pull switch