Unwind summary neal shusterman unwholly

I'll just say that Unwholly , now we are familiar with this world of organ harvesting, is perhaps slightly less ruthless and certainly less shocking than Unwind.

I liked him in the early pages, when all he wanted was to carry on the legacy of what Connor had started, when he was somewhat innocent. This sequel to "Unwind" certainly took things to a whole new level!

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Email address: Rating details. As a full-time writer, he claims to be his own hardest task-master, always at work creating new stories to tell. We get a little background about the Heartland war, and certainly Cam's character is something new. Therefore, I had really high expectations for this book and I was nervous that they wouldn't be met. The most annoying leftover is Connor's inability to deal with his new arm.

Brutal, brutal, brutal.


The alternating PoVs each have a different voice and the glimpses into the minds of even the 'bad' characters gives immense insight into their motivations. And then when Starkey just...

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unwind summary neal shusterman unwholly

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unwind summary neal shusterman unwholly

Enter Cam, a schizophrenic, teenage Frankenstein built from the body parts of 99 different unwound teens. We learn more about how and why it came to be, which was a plot hole in Unwind.

It does bring up philosophical questions that will never be concretely answered.

unwind summary neal shusterman unwholly