Reverse flash vs zoom who would win

Arrowerse's Crisis on Infinite Earths: Despite the unusual portrayal of the character, Quicksilver quickly became a fan-favorite. Apocalypse , a movie that received more criticism than praise, Evan Peters and his Quicksilver stole the show once again. Among all those powers, of course, is his ability to catch bullets that are coming straight for him or one of his allies.

reverse flash vs zoom who would win

Earlier this year, it has indeed been announced that Evan Peters will be reprising his role as Quicksilver in the upcoming X-Men: Perhaps Hawkeye didn't see Quicksilver's heroic sacrifice coming, but other speedsters much faster than Quicksilver saw it all from a mile away. First, in May of 2014, we got Quicksilver in X-Men: As for live-action adaptations, Barry Allen made his first live-action appearance in the two-part series Legends of the Superheroes , portrayed by Rob Haase, way back in 1979.

Age of Ultron , we had hoped he could stop the bullets without dying.

reverse flash vs zoom who would win

Over the course of four seasons the Flash has accomplished many incredible feats. The X-Men Quicksilver takes the cake without contest, while the Avengers Quicksilver stands out as the slowest of the bunch. Days of Future Past , portrayed by Evan Peters. DC's Titans: This hilarious meme uses a panel from the comics to teach Quicksilver how to properly catch bullets.

So, this meme is pretty accurate. Flash memes. Aaron-Taylor Johnson looked as if he put on some goofy athletic wear in a hurry to catch up with the rest of the team.

On the other hand, Quicksilver grew up with his mom and never even knew his dad. Speedsters, speedsters everywhere. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. However, the way Barry catches bullets with ease spoiled us.

Yet, the Quicksilver we got in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was far too slow to catch the bullets or get Hawkeye and the boy to safety. With that in mind, here's one that uses the same scene but to make fun of what he says instead. Which of these two heroes would win in a race?

Once the mugger started counting down for Barry to relinquish his wallet or get shot, Barry stripped him down to his undies and fetched a cop to arrest him.

Well, turns out there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Every episode of the Flash starts with Barry Allen introducing himself, like so: Perhaps, the Reverse-Flash could head back in time and save Pietro from his ultimate demise but it seems like a lot of work for one less-than-stellar Avenger and sub-par superhero speedster.

reverse flash vs zoom who would win

But that's still not the end. According to available data and various fan calculations, the comic book version of the Flash is much faster than the comic book version of Quicksilver.