Osmocom tetra how to

osmocom tetra how to

Launching GitHub Desktop... Launching Xcode... Main docs read this first! Please see https: Launching GitHub Desktop... There is a cgit interface at http: Toggle navigation LaForge's home page.

The Osmocom TETRA project

Launching Visual Studio... Jan Hrach and laf0rge add traffic dumping patch, use getopt to parse arguments … Enable the user to specify a directory, where contents of traffic channel will be saved.

Jan 19, 2011. The main receiver program 'tetra-rx' expects an input file containing a stream of unpacked bits, i. Contributing Our coding standards are described at https: I can of course not comment on those.

osmocom tetra how to

The current patch queue for osmo-tetra can be seen at https: From my point of view, they should give the student a medal of honor, instead of sentencing him.

You will need libosmocore to build this softwar.

Skip to content. They should instead have jailed the people responsible for deploying such an insecure network in the first place, as well as those responsible for not doing the most basic air-interface interception tests before putting such a network into production.

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osmocom tetra how to

Our coding standards are described at https: He has provided a significant service to the security of the public sector communications in his country.

You signed out in another tab or window. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Discussions related to osmo-tetra are happening on the tetra lists.