Moser vases how to identify a brown

Czech Vases

Moser also experimented with rare-earth glassware, or glass colored by rare elements. Both excellent glassmakers and both in the Czech Republic. Moser style small jug. I have seen many examples of Heckert Marmopal sell for hundreds of dollars more than similar sized vessels of Loetz Papillon. In example 6, the vase shown in 6. An Art Nouveau Moser glass vase , enamelled decoration of robins in a tree branch, gilded decoration to rim.

moser vases how to identify a brown

In 82 the applied fruits - apples and pears - are made from opale white glass with shades to red similar to 76. The motivation of the seller can lie anywhere along a spectrum stretching from deliberate deception to wishful thinking. Therefore, it has also become known as the "Paris World Exposition Signature".

Moser: the Glass of Kings

The two flattened bottle like vases 46. Condition good, minor wear to the bases. The light yellow satin vase 49. These were taken into account, too. As one politician said: Box, Oval, Gold Decoration, c. He faithfully copies the original with only the slightest change to set his work apart.

Loetz collaborated with Lobmeyr, Vienna, for many years. Full article. Crystal Animals. Museums and collectors often use his work as substitutes for vintage examples that cannot otherwise be obtained. Second, a sandblasted surface is very smooth, while acid produces a rough tapioca-type surface.

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Only two, possibly three, of these examples are Loetz. A recent find of another example matching exactly 37.

moser vases how to identify a brown

Almost the same size and shape is seen in the basket in 26. He particularly liked to use figures of animals or female nudes in his work. A suite of Moser glassware , Czechoslovakia, circa 1995 each having a gilded upper rim, comprising 9 champagne glasses, 11 wine glasses, 12 small wine glasses, 12 apertif glasses, 11 tumblers, 6 liquor glasses 61 Show 1 more like this.

The yellow spreading vase 7.

moser vases how to identify a brown

Produced by Egermann-Exbor in the 1990s. There are also many great websites and resource books that can assist in this process.

Few pieces of Moser glass are marked.