Monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

Monitor Audio Silver RS6

Continue to Page 2. Although the overall tonal balance is impressively neutral, and happily free from the sort of midband emphasis found elsewhere in this group and common among modestly priced speakers in general , the RS6 is not particularly transparent, and does lack sweetness and delicacy.

monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

I did try a pair od MA 20 SE purchased off here and they were not anywhere near as bright but the bass was to heavy,I have neighbours to think about. Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating.

Monitor Audio Silver RS6 stereo speaker review

This one is a little difficult to describe as you are comparing a smallish floorstanding speaker to a large standmount speaker. So sensible it hurts.

Monitor Audio Silver RS6AV review

Only had the MA Br2 and now the Bx5s and have to say i really enjoy them. The 6-ohm impedance rating was comfortably met though, the minimum of around 4 ohms coinciding with the port tuning frequency of 42Hz. That said, the MAs give every impression of being set fair for the long haul.

monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

When my dad was looking for a system for his den, I took him out and had him listen to quite a few monitors. Our Verdict Strong in both bass and treble, the midband is smooth and even, but the sound is also a little congested.

monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

Monitor Audio, an English company, is known for their commitment to quality engineering. Its music making is rather matter-of-fact, lacking dynamic tension, and it somehow doesn't manage to touch the listener on an emotional level as effectively as it might. Trending Topics.

Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Floorstanding Speakers

Jun 20, 2006 Messages: Im surprised to read a post earlier saying they are rubbish with acoustic as thats where i think my speakers real strength lies.

And while that smooth midband is creditably in proper perspective, it's not without a measure of congestion and nasal coloration. Originally Posted by ohbythebay.

monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

For Very superior styling and perceived value A proper plinth and real wood veneered enclosure Good bass and midband range. My mistakes I feel was wondering if I would like more bass than the chester mk2's were giving..... ShanePJ , Mar 17, 2018.

monitor audio rs6 review what hi fi

Both are separately port-loaded.