How to unlock lines in autocad

Phew, that was a long post. Stockholm, Sweden. This can include unused layers, linetypes, fonts, styles, and blocks. Read this post to find out how to create and edit AutoCAD layers.

Turn off the Xref by it's Master layer, and start editing.

how to unlock lines in autocad

Posted August 12, 2014. What else could each be? I just assumed it happened in ArchiCAD 10, but looks like it does not happen anymore. In the meantime thanks for all your help and suggestions that led to success. User mini profile. Every other object in the drawing is made invisible, even if they are on the same Layer as the object you selected.

MicroStation V8 2004 Edition Version: This is the second time they have resent the files. When you get drawings from outside firms, this is a must-do step.

Cleaning Up AutoCAD Drawings

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R. How to save to DWG and maintain color numbers.

how to unlock lines in autocad

I recommend that you set up your plotting standards by Layer. Thanks for the reminder. How to control the smoothness of curved solids when saving DWG. AutoCAD has some built-in tools that can help make the drawing cleanup process much easier. Tue Oct 21, 2003 8: The dialog shows that basically no items are available to be purged.

To Lock or Unlock a Layer

One way to keep your drawings healthy is to be proactive and run the audit command. Also a good place to set the Scale. Comment by Ridenhour,Mark. How to unlock the locked proxy elements.

how to unlock lines in autocad

Follow Cadsetterout on:. Sanders ;;; This routine provides the following shortcuts: The new object will have the same Layer and Style properties as the old one, no matter what Layer or Style settings you currently have set.

how to unlock lines in autocad

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