How to say get married in spanish

So how are you enjoying married life?

how to say get married in spanish

Already a user on SpanishDict? In a word, time. Life around Gibraltar: However, it may be that the church administrators will take care of this on behalf of the couple.

how to say get married in spanish

Meaning of married in English. Setting up and mapping out — the language of planning part 1. We came to Gibraltar to save time but were charmed by the monkeys, curries and seaside views. Are you married? Need a translator?

Why I decided to get married in Gibraltar

The page is... Back in 1984, the split was more even: Word of the Day spectacular very exciting to look at.

how to say get married in spanish

It is important that you should check what paperwork is required with the nearest Embassy or Consulate. If you do decide to queue, the advantage is that you can get quickly to the relevant section within the Registry and will probably be one of the first to get your paperwork handed in.

How to congratulate someone when they get married?

Follow us facebook twitter linkedin pinterest instagram. For my Spanish partner, the contrast was particularly surprising.

how to say get married in spanish

First you need to book an appointment to hand in your paperwork, then you have to wait to be called back for an interview yes, interview , then you have to wait for an available slot at the civil registry, if like us you wanted a simple ceremony.

So long tortillas and 11pm dinners, hello fish and chips and PG Tips tea. Translator tool. He was over thirty, twice married, childless.