How to remove western star steering wheel

CAC Core Testing 3.

Steering Wheel Puller Kit

Correct Belt-Alignment Area Fig. Pingbacks are On. Insufficient compressor cooling compressor runs hot.

how to remove western star steering wheel

Bendix Tu-Flo 550 and Tu-Flo 750 13. Special care must be taken when sealants are used with. To ensure they are always torqued accurately, Western Star recommends that all fasteners be lubricated with oil unless specifically instructed to install them dry , then torqued to the values for lubricated and plated thread fasteners. Diesel Trucks Advertisement. Close the hood and connect the batteries. Remove the constant tension hose clamps from the convoluted hoses.

Open the hood. Turn the rings so the thumbscrews are facing outboard and the safety chains are inboard. Primary Filter f090505 1.

how to remove western star steering wheel

Check for correct coolant line sizes. Then run the link so it sets tires straight ahead.

Western Star Workshop Manual

Vbookie archives. NO, Material: Check for excessive engine crankcase pressure. End Cover Capscrew 18. Operate the engine and make sure there are no coolant leaks. Tighten all hose clamps and secure the lines with tie straps as needed.

how to remove western star steering wheel

If the air governor is mounted on the compressor. High to Low Price: For air-cooled portions of the compressor: Some wheel pullers have the plug to go in the center but you could just find a bolt the right size to fit the tube and grind or drill a centering hole to hold the puller on center..