How to fix water damage trackpad macbook

I turned off the power by holding down the power button for several seconds, then flipped computer over immediately, absorbing as much water into a towel as possible.

Spill Water on a MacBook Pro / Air? Here’s How You Might Be Able to Prevent Liquid Damage

I noticed some trees coming out the ports though. Everything else in this MacBook Air kept working fine like the water damage has never happened.

how to fix water damage trackpad macbook

If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. While I appreciate the info, given the presumably high percentage of people who are going to be reading this immediately after spilling coffee on their MacBooks, could you cut down on the front matter?

The last connector to inspect was for the keyboard cable. Posted on Aug 6, 2013 6: Just did the upside down thing after spilling a water bottle on my air. Everyone is talking about water on the keyboard.

How I fixed trackpad, keyboard after water spill on Macbook Air

I used a cold hairdryer for a bit last night. May 2, 2015 at 9: After removing the bottom cover I disconnected and removed the battery to take a closer look at the trackpad area. Ten days later, it turns on. Best Buy suggested the same in terms of rice for keyboard to accelerate drying and waiting at least a week. The problem is this time it was a coffe with milk and some sugar and I took the same procedure and it seems to work perfectly fine and left it to dry for a while.

how to fix water damage trackpad macbook

I am not authorized to send for service, and must try to mitigate the damage on my own if at all possible, but I don't want to risk causing damage either. At worst, youd need assuming nothing else is damaged a new replacement trackpad.

how to fix water damage trackpad macbook

The liquid seeped in almost everywhere, keyboard, the back of the keyboard …god knows where else. This afternoon around 5pm my son lent across me to turn the volume up on my Mac Airbook and in the process knocked a full glass of water all over the computer.

how to fix water damage trackpad macbook

Moreover, I would also appreciate a comment from people who know a thing or two about the hardware of this laptop model regarding how 'water protected' the trackpad structure is.

All external devices need to be disconnected immediately, whether its a display, monitor, external hard drive, even a mouse and keyboard. This is precisely correct.