Doctor who comic con 2013 trailer

We get to see a Tardis at an airport.

50th Anniversary Comic-Con Trailer Details

Type keyword s to search. If Moffat wants to believe that he holds that kind of power over the Internet, then fine.

doctor who comic con 2013 trailer

Let them do their thing, and you do yours. What do we matter?

doctor who comic con 2013 trailer

For one thing, it immediately vilifies the fans present at SDCC — fans who, by the way, did a pretty good job of not spoiling the end of this past season when DVDs of Season 7 were mistakenly sent out early.

Doctor Who star talks fans shipping Yaz and Doctor. The biggest gap in Doctor Who canon, explained. But the fact it's ready, it's been shown, and we have to miss out. Why should we be entitled to more? So we have had quite a few websites actually providing very detailed descriptions of the trailer that have very hard to avoid if you read Doctor Who related websites.

doctor who comic con 2013 trailer

The short trailer hasn't been made available online for fans who were unable to attend the San Diego fan convention, angering fans of the sci-fi show online. The people of Comic-Con are just generally better people than all of us and definitely deserved the trailer for no reason whatsoever.

Sure, those who show up in person are rewarded with the chance to see these trailers earlier in a large room full of excited fans, possibly just after being delightfully accosted by Tom Hiddleston in full Asgardian regalia. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

It also fails to take into account the current objective of convention culture, which is first and foremost to celebrate shared interest and create buzz for upcoming projects.

We did get 3 frames of about 135,000 from the episode. How a real-life tragedy inspired Doctor Who story.

Comic-Con 2013: ‘Doctor Who’ Panel

Other attendees confirmed this, tweeting that he said something similar at the panel itself:. There was even a spiffy trailer! The Comic-Con video was designed as a special treat for the fans who queued and paid for tickets for the convention, but this hasn't stopped non Comic-Con attendees from complaining. That excitement no longer exists in a bubble anymore, though; it extends outward to the rest of the Internet, where everyone is watching what happens in breathless anticipation.