Pieces of what mgmt live concert

Yeah I feel like those people who don't know of them and see them are expecting all of their stuff to be like kids and when it's not they get pissed.

MGMT n [em-jee-em-tee; man-ij-muhnt]: Want to join? They don't belong there if they are going to be pissed off at them for not playing their most popular song.

pieces of what mgmt live concert

Biggest load of horse shit ive heard in a while. You should give zero fucks about these people.

Here are some highlights: People with no appreciation for their music only bitching about not getting to hear them play Kids and saying well at least they played Time to Pretend.

Whenever I'm listening to them in front of my friends and they haven't heard of them, im like "ughhh, here you've probably heard this" turns on kids. Okay, so it just really pissed me off reading the about how they were an awful band live, and I just felt like such an elitist reading the comments. Just people on there acting like they have inside info and say something like "oh they don't play this song for this reason", like who the fuck are you.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Maybe andrew is a bit quiet sometimes, but everything sounds spot on.

pieces of what mgmt live concert

When they came for SLC they just sounded really bored and really dull kinda. Maybe they were high and really feeling the music but i wasnt and it was kind of boring. Pretty much an awesome night. At the end of the post in the new thread the guy said something like, "they're no radiohead" saying that MGMT can't move on from Kids.

They are a very tight band though in terms of playing! Even at the small venue show I went to, nobody knew what was going on during Siberian Breaks and kept cheering between sections of the song like it was over.


Log in or sign up in seconds. I heard them at a 1. Those would be not so good live imo. It's not their fault that the crowd sucks or that they have a lousy following.

They just went through the motions. They're probably hearing songs off of Congratulations live for the first time... They are unbelievable.

pieces of what mgmt live concert

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pieces of what mgmt live concert