Incredible hulk vs superman who wins

When the brawling starts, Superman has to start getting really fast. Supes is a planet buster but so is the hulk.

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People think because of the fact supes is so strong and can still move at light speed that the flash has no chance when the flash is the only one of the justice league that can actually beat him continuously. A really miffed Hulk would probably stand a chance in a straight-up fistfight, since he can generally do so against Thor or other Hulk versions. Post-Crisis and Flashpoint Paradox, he is still very powerful, but has lost the capability to traverse entire universes.

incredible hulk vs superman who wins

Not only is he incredible, he's also credible too. Claimed to be one of the eight smartest people on Earth.

Superman or the Incredible Hulk? Superman held a book of infinite pages, lifted spectre the embodiment of eternity and how big is eternity guys?

incredible hulk vs superman who wins

Thanks to movies, cartoons, comics, video games, and more, the Internet has had a great deal of imagery to work with and there are a plethora of fun and intelligent memes covering both characters.

There's no telling, but we don't know if Superman could stand up to Chuck Norris. All the while Superman tries to tell Hulk they were set up and shouldn't fight. The hulk has noooooooo stamina limit, and his speed does increase. Over in the DC Universe, Superman is generally regarded as the strongest there is, but he doesn't go around saying it.

Superman Vs. Incredible Hulk Superhero Battle: Who Would Win?

Then again, any sort of crossover has questions on canon and continuity. When the two inevitably meet at the end of the movie, a couple of body slams into the ground leaves Loki bashed and broken as Hulk walks away saying, " Puny god.

incredible hulk vs superman who wins

Possible Outcome - Hulk exhausts and out-punches the Man of Steel. Ferrigno has been involved with the Hulk since the 1970s and has appeared alongside, in, or as the Hulk in every portrayal since then.

Superman - did they ever fight? In a fist fight, battle to the death with no battlefield removal, Hulk would win fairly comfortably, especially current Hulk, who is more intelligent than Banner but retains his high strength levels - tearing Adamantium with barely a struggle for example. Superman has a slight disadvantage here, since he needs solar rays to replenish him after some time. Fortunately, the two companies acquiesced to the demand over the years and various crossovers have seen Marvel's Jade Giant go up against the Last Son of Krypton.

One of his best strength feats was holding the weight of a star, destroying an asteroid twice the size of Earth with a single punch, punching a hole in time and reality, Hulk's punching power is insane.

incredible hulk vs superman who wins