Howie award small house plans

However, in many cases, the inclusion of letters of support may be very helpful. How many letters of support should I include with the nomination?

Remember, the Committee will only know as much information about the nominee as you provide in your nomination packet. This is an important award to recognize those who support the arts and our local artists. Howie Awards. Can I nominate more than one person for a Howie Award?

Yes, after the Committee completes its review process, the Arts Council sends a letter to all nominees congratulating them on their nomination and letting them know who nominated them for a Howie Award.

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Howie Awards

Whom should I ask to write one? Paint It! Just make sure you check off the boxes on the nomination form indicating in which category or categories you would like your nominee to be considered. For example: Will my nominee receive any communications from the Arts Council letting them know I nominated them?

howie award small house plans

Do you know someone who has contributed to the arts in our community as an artist, educator or supporter of the arts? Winners are selected by the Howie Committee.

In these cases, a good option is to have multiple people sign one letter of support.

howie award small house plans

Additional questions? The Outstanding Business or Community Supporter of the Arts award can be awarded to a business, organization, or individual who has made meaningful contributions in support of the arts. In the case of newspaper articles, we recommend sending in a photocopy rather than including the original clipping.

Can I nominate someone in more than one category?

howie award small house plans