How to write lead guitar riffs

Writing Guitar Riffs

Often times when a guitarist starts to play scales, it is not at all clear how to proceed and what to expect. There are a thousands more iterations just in this combination of notes under study. So there must be a conscious effort to turn a static tool into a interesting statement.

how to write lead guitar riffs

The horizontal lines are the physical strings and the circles show you behind which fret you should press the string down. Particularly when mixing up the ordering of notes in an effort to be creative. It is a very powerful beginning. Like any artistic pursuit, the songwriting muscle is one that develops over a long period of time and with great focus and energy.

All by themselves scale notes can sound puny and isolated. Early blues riffs were written to match the phrasing and character of the human voice. All Rights Reserved.

how to write lead guitar riffs

Anybody can pick up a guitar and play; strive to create something with your special stamp on it, and practice it until nobody can play it like you. No matter what key you choose, you will certainly play together in some sort of framework.

Will Wallner is a guitarist from England now living in Los Angeles. Riffs can be singular notes that form lines of melody, or harmonies that are played with multiple notes that are played at the same time. This example illustrates some of the combinations available.

In a previous article, Interval Riff Basics, we looked at and heard examples of using only two notes, or intervals, for rhythm guitar parts.

how to write lead guitar riffs

I began to actively develop my riffs when I realized that a power chord is really just an interval, a 5th. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

how to write lead guitar riffs

Choose the right structure. Envision the riff as part of a completed song, and think about how it works when played along with a band. This time, you have an advantage. I give you an 8 week complete money back guarantee, so if you decide it's not what you're looking for I'll give you your money back. It is the process of experimenting that will show you what you like.

Learning to Construct A Lead On A Guitar

Also notice that we are being playful on the high E string. At first, play the notes one at a time in the order shown.

how to write lead guitar riffs

Once you mix up the notes you inject taste into this equation.