How to properly clean up broken glass

Sign up using Email and Password. Protect yourself. Cut a potato in half, and then press the cut tuber against the floor. Make sure you're wearing heavy shoes not sandals or flip-flops and safety gloves.

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The glass will embed itself into the soft bread. Then carefully wipe down the area where the glass fragments might linger, and throw the paper towel away. Did this article help you?

Surprising Trick For Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Work in a circular motion starting from the outside working toward the center as before. Repeat until you're sure you've covered the entire area. Clean up broken glass from a carpet. Throw the potato away when you're finished, and run the dishwasher again to rinse away any stray pieces of glass.

how to properly clean up broken glass

The old putty will break into smaller pieces as you remove it. To clean up broken glass, make sure you're wearing rubber gloves.

how to properly clean up broken glass

Any stray pieces of glass will be caught in the potato's flesh, and you can throw the potato away. Double thickness trash bags can also be used to cover the broken pane. Define "best," please....

how to properly clean up broken glass

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Remember, pieces of shattered glass can fly a long ways; be sure to expand the area you're working in to include all those that might have been hit. Clean the area with duct tape.