How to make your eye makeup waterproof

Here’s Why Your Mascara Keeps Sliding and Smudging Under Your Eyes

Basic coconut oil is an all-natural solution to removing stubborn mascara and other cosmetics. Join now. Share with us in the comments below!

how to make your eye makeup waterproof

The clincher? The ABH waterproof top coat is genius but be careful it's really difficult to remove. Share Tweet Pin. Marlena S. The Best Dog Treats: The Best Eye Makeup Remover.

Guide to Waterproof Eye Makeup

Some types work better than others, but using a good finishing spray over your regular makeup should create a sweat-proof and rub-resistant finish. This stuff is great to make any eye makeup waterproof. References Glamour: Waterproof your makeup so your face stays put — no matter how soggy things get. The Best Beers: Resistant to water, this liner is ideal for perfecting your cat eye with the precision of the felt tip.

how to make your eye makeup waterproof

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How to Make Makeup Waterproof

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how to make your eye makeup waterproof